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Home photovoltaic
  • Multi-protection for waterproof
  • Activity space
  • Multi-ways to profit
  • Self-cleaning
  • Safety and durable
  • 12 Grade typhoon resistance
Business and industry
  • Continuous and stable incomes
  • Saving power and decreasing consumption
  • Extending roof life
  • Energy conservation and emission reduction
  • Branding
  • Get “Green Energy Certification”
The case shows
Lead in the leading service of production quality
About us
provide High-quality PV power station

SINOTECH Power Investment Limited is a branch of SINOTECH POWER GROUP。 It is a strong enterprise that focuses on the development of solar markets, and provides a chain of services including marketing, investment, installation, maintenance etc。 Its business mode of distributed power station is competitive in the domestic markets。

SINOTECH POWER encourages the environmentally friendly product development。 “Pergola” and “sunroom” structures are created under the concept。 The first sunroom PV system is designed by SINOTECH POWER and it is the only one who uses industrial aluminum alloy in the system。

SINOTECH POWER keeps working on the high-efficiency silicon crystal, which promises the qualities of PV power station.

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